Milestone II Template and Checklist

qMilestone 2 checklist filled out with questions/concerns
qProblem/theme more clearly defined in UbD document
qUbD Stage I Results: questions 1-9 drafted
qAnnotated bibliography of initial research for expert and print
qAnnotated bibliography of initial on-line resources (Create at least one full annotation for one source)
qPlan for technology integration
qCollaborative presentation outline

I. Questions or concerns:

II. Stage 1 Understanding by Design
Identify Desired Results
1. Names of Participant(s):
2. Grade Level
3. Course or Unit
4. Course/Unit Description
5. What are the goals for the course for students?
6. What overarching understandings are desired?
7. What are the overarching "essential" questions?
8. What will students know as a result of this unit?
9. What will the students be able to do as a result of this unit?

III. Annotated bibliography: For resources and examples see:
IV. And see and try Easy Bib to facilitate the process.

V. What new technology or new adaptation to technology do you intend to integrate into your classroom teaching next year. How will you use it?

VI. Describe the progress that you have made in your collaborative presentation.