A multigenre paper is a collection of different types of writing.

ONE EXAMPLE: Collaborating in small groups, students read novels either as a whole class, in literature circles, with a partner, or individually. They complete reading journals and, if working in literature circles, literature circle discussion roles for each day of discussion. Groups then self evaluate each day's discussion. Using journals, discussion notes and interactive analysis activities, students divide their story into sections. Utilizing the multigenre approach, they analyze the literary elements in their novel. Finally, utilizing Web technology, students link their genres together in a hypertext presentation or multigenre Web.
Visit the following site for a full description: http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/weaving-multigenre-279.html


Organizing the Assignment

Resources for the Multigenre Paper

My Delicious Bookmarks: Multigenre

A multigenre paper is a collection of different types of writing. Collaborating in small groups, students will read novels either as a whole class, in literature circles, with a partner, or individually. Students will complete reading journals and, if wor
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JSTOR: English Journal: Vol. 92, No. 2, Multigenre Teaching, p. 25
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Unit Objectives:
Students will:
  • Research information on a topic that is personally meaningful.
  • Cultivate information literacy skills in finding, accessing, and evaluating information.
  • Design creative interpretations through multiple genres to represent key learnings.
  • Incorporate elements of MLA style writing and documentation.
  • Compile all research into one single Word document that combines multigenre and traditional elements of research. We will save this file as PDF format.
  • Utilize NoodleTools to create a MLA style Works Cited page, electronic notecards, and parenthetical references.
  • Include a footer for your document---I can assist you in doing this. We will stray from MLA style on this front.
Requirements for Multigenre Paper

  • Cover Page
  • Dear Reader Letter
  • Table of Contents
  • Traditional Research Paper/Prose (see requirements)
  • 10 Multigenre Elements/Artifacts
  • Multigenre Notes Page
  • Self-Reflection/Self Assessment
  • Works Cited Page

Traditional Paper Elements
Your paper must incorporate MLA style parenthetical references and a MLA style Works Cited page to properly document your information sources.

  • The paper must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs with an effective introduction, three body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph. You may write more than three body paragraphs.
  • The traditional paper element should be 3-5 double-spaced pages.
  • No more than one direct quote (any information copied word for word) may be used in each paragraph.
  • All paraphrased material (information that you find in your research that is not common knowledge) must be cited with parenthetical references.
  • The paper must follow all format and documentation elements of MLA style.
  • The paper must be typed and double-spaced.
  • We will use NoodleTools to create at least 15 electronic notecards and our Works Cited page.


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  • You must meet the information sources requirements:

    >You will need a total of 5 information sources that you use in the paper on your Works Cited page.
    >At least 3 database articles (magazine, newspaper, essay, book chapter, reference article)
    >Any websites you plan to use in the paper ahead of time must be approved by me after you complete an evaluation form of the website. You may not use more than 1 website reference in this paper.
    >Wikipedia MAY NOT be used in this paper.
  • Your Works Cited page must be generated in NoodleTools. I will assist you with this task.


  • Daily work will be evaluated with rubrics and/or for completion.
  • The final paper will be evaluated with a rubric I will provide you.
  • The paper will count as 2 test grades.


  • The WHS Media Center
Our research resource page at:

Shortcut Link: http://project800s.wordpress.com

Genres You Might Try

Genres and subgenres abound. Remember, too, that often the most effective genres arise naturally from your material. A student writing about a novel involving bulimia, for example, began her paper with a doctor’s report for a patient with bulimia. The official form of the report was professional looking with the doctor’s name and business address appearing in a standard format and the handwritten notes of the doctor providing pertinent information about the patient’s symptoms.

Here is a partial list of genres you might try:

Group 1: Print Media

Newspaper OR tabloid on a character: include these elements (use Publisher):
· Obituary
· Editorial
· Letter to the Editor
· Advice Column
· Magazine Article

Group 2: Visual with Words

· Poster
· Invitation
· Ad
· Travel Brochure
· Greeting Card
· Cartoon or Manga Version
· Postcards
· Character “baseball” cards
· A play or skit

Group 3: Visual Display

· Artwork
· Collage
· Map
· Wanted Poster
· Artifacts for a Time Capsule

Group 4: Informational

· Interview (think People magazine or the Oprah Show)
· Trivia Game
· Timeline
· Bulletin Board

Group 5: Creative Writing

· Skit or Play
· Song
· Poem (s)
· Short Story
· Diary of a character
· Eyewitness account
· Double-voice piece/double voice poem
· Found poem
· Verbal collage
· A story
· Recipe
· Lists

Group 6: Digital and Web 2.0

· Photo Story
· MovieMaker
· Web Page
· Glogster
· VoiceThread

Still Scratching Your Head? __
  • I am providing hard copies of good quality sample multigenre papers for you to look at for inspiration!
  • Go to http://project800s.wordpress.com
  • Think outside the box. This research project is not about “copy and paste”, but it is about your original research and interpretation of literature!