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Dear Visitors,
Our course ended in 2011, but you are welcome to use the resources here.
However, I'm worried that some of the resources may be out of date.
The final meeting showed us all that teachers K-12 have so much to share with one another.
Deb B.

Remember that you don't have to use computers for this final presentation, but if you need an Internet linked laptop, please
email me or Roxanne (rstahl@nmiddlesex.mec.edu).

April 27th: We will be "Speed Sharing" at the high school from 3-5 in the ILC on Wednesday, April 27th. The Speed Sharing document
summarizes the expectations more fully, but essentially you will have 10 minutes to share your project with each collaborative group
and the primary focus of this 10 minutes is communication. Your group presentations will be assessed by the class members on 1)
Organization 2) Presentation Design 3) Group Work. The rubric is in the document. Each person will receive a Speed Sharing card to
evaluate the presentations briefly. Each of the 7 groups will have a table AND WHATEVER YOU NEED.

3 Group Gr. 1 Interdisciplinary: 10 MINUTE VIDEO
1 Group-Am.Lit. and Comp.Lit.
2 Group Grade 8 Tolerance
4 Group Enlightenment Salon
5 Group MS Looping 7 to 8
6 Group MS Reading and Research

Groups 1-4 will speed present to Groups 5-8, one group at a time for 10 minutes. Then we?ll debrief for 10 minutes.Then groups 5-7
will present to groups 1-4 and we?ll debrief for 10 minutes. Then we?ll celebrate your accomplishments.
Your individual (or group) Understanding by Design Unit is due after you have completed the unit, but at the latest by May 30th. I've
attached Stages 1-3 and have added as a separate document the Stage4 self-assessment part of the final assignment. You can submit the
UbD unit plus this Final Assignment/Self Assessment electronically or you can send me an email telling me the names of the Google Apps

Thank you for your flexibility. All questions are welcome. I hope that it has allowed you to comfortably complete your work. I look
forward to seeing you in April. Enjoy this mud-licious time of year.

[in Just-]
by E. E. Cummings
in Just-
spring when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame balloonman
whistles far and wee


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"When I Become a Teacher"
100 top tools for teaching technology and curriculum.

When I Become a Teacher Remix
In order to adequately prepare today's students for their future, teachers must effectively participate in professional learning networks, share and model the use of current internet tools, lead authentic, integrated project-based learning activities, assist students as they establish their own learning networks and digital footprint, learn alongside our students as they create, collaborate, and share, provide sufficient learning opportunities for students to become digitally literate and fluent, while also while also inspiring each child to be quality, digital, global citizens.

A Brave New World-Wide-Web from David Truss on Vimeo.

‚ÄčThe Shifting Roles of the Teacher and the Student in the 21st Century Classroom

The goal of this course is to have teachers experience the challenges and possibilities of a 21st Century Classroom as they (1)collaborate, (2) create, (3)solve problems, (4) communicate (face-to-face and through technology), (5) access and analyze information on line and in print, and let each teacher's (6) curiosity, creativity and (7) initiative focused on the solution of their own problem/question drive their work to develop curriculum that incorporates 21st century skills.

=Technology can improve teaching and learning. Visit http://www.blip.tv/file/1262079
Or is Technology ruining our minds?

The Power of Youth Voice: This video looks at the past, our dynamic present, and the future impact of how the Internet impacts the studens.